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We Are Moving

Hello Readers, We want all of you to know that we are starting over at and would love for you to follow us there.  We are picking up speed and putting out books, and feel we need to focus … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Communication

It used to be communicating with someone meant looking across the table and speaking or picking up a pen and thoughtfully writing ribbons of words onto beautiful hand or machine made paper.  Later on, thanks to Mr. Bell, it entailed … Continue reading

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A Surefire Way to Fail at Writing

Today we have a guest, author MaryAnn Diorio.  She offers a free booklet you can download, see at the end of her post.  We hope you enjoy this post, let us know in the comments. Michelle If you want to … Continue reading

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Everyone Is A Writer — Sometimes

It’s true. You may not agree with that statement. You may not want to be a full-time WRITER writer, but you are a writer. Or at least you should be.There is not one among us who does not love receiving … Continue reading

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Did She Say Deadline?

Born two months premature, I could wear a tea cup for a hat and my first clothes previously fit a baby doll. As I grew older my dad used to say, “Susan was born early and has been late ever … Continue reading

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Books We are Reading

We are all a little busy right now, so we thought we’d post about what we have, are, or are going to read.  As writers, we are all readers also.  And we read a lot!  I hope you enjoy seeing … Continue reading

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Less Mess

“It’s a beautiful day,” says hubby. “Let’s wash windows.” “Wait, did you say windows?” said I. “The sun is shining. All is well in the Universe. And our windows need washing. Where’s the vinegar?” He grinned an irritating grin. “ … Continue reading

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