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The Evolution of Communication

It used to be communicating with someone meant looking across the table and speaking or picking up a pen and thoughtfully writing ribbons of words onto beautiful hand or machine made paper.  Later on, thanks to Mr. Bell, it entailed … Continue reading

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A Surefire Way to Fail at Writing

Today we have a guest, author MaryAnn Diorio.  She offers a free booklet you can download, see at the end of her post.  We hope you enjoy this post, let us know in the comments. Michelle If you want to … Continue reading

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Everyone Is A Writer — Sometimes

It’s true. You may not agree with that statement. You may not want to be a full-time WRITER writer, but you are a writer. Or at least you should be.There is not one among us who does not love receiving … Continue reading

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My Imaginary Friend

While out writing away from the chaos at home recently, I happened to read two separate articles that mentioned the same concept. Both articles mentioned inventing an imaginary reader to keep in mind while writing your projects (mostly fiction in … Continue reading

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