Treason–A Book Review

Here’s a book some of you may enjoy.  Happy reading!


By Don Brown

© 2005 Zondervan Publishers

Zack Brewer, JAG officer for the US Navy, is one of the best naval prosecutors currently stationed in San Diego.  His next case involves the rape of Ensign Marianne Landrieu.  Brewer wins the case and then is offered a chance of a lifetime by Landrieu’s uncle, Louisiana Senator Roberson Fowler.  Senator Fowler offers Brewer a sure win on the congressional Democratic ticket due to a retiring member.  Brewer is stunned and flattered.  In the back of his mind, he wonders what the catch is.  He doesn’t know what to say but asks for time to think it over, as it would mean leaving the Navy.  His dream is to be salt and light in the political arena and this seems a perfect fit.  The offer comes while he’s on vacation, but then Brewer is immediately called back to work on a case of upmost importance. The safety of America is at stake and he’s given a case to prosecute radical Muslims who’ve infiltrated the Navy as chaplains who have recruited underlings to commit sabotage and murder followed by self martyrdom.  He’ll be pitted up against a powerful author and attorney who hasn’t lost a case yet.  Does Brewer have a chance?  He teams up with formidable rival attorney Colcernian to fight the case that may break or make his future political plans.  A great story that keeps the pages moving, but some of the military jargon and acronyms bog it down at times.  Readers who enjoy espionage, suspense and military stories will find this a great read.


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4 Responses to Treason–A Book Review

  1. susan says:

    I think I would like this book. Military acronyms are FTB. (For the birds)



  2. Intrigue. Suspense. Sounds goods. I don’t think I have read this author before.


  3. bredkrums says:

    Love the drama of courtroom scenes, so this book sounds like a must read to me. Good review, Michelle!


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