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The Year Spring Dawned Slowly

It was 2014 and winter drug on like a leftover pot of company stew. Except that the winter wasn’t better with each subsequent serving. Snow after snow, storm after storm, and the coldest temperatures we had endured in a couple … Continue reading

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Still the Winter of Discontent

Someone forgot to tell the clouds it is spring. We awoke this morning to an inch of snow on the grass. Not on the concrete or asphalt of the streets, mind you, just the grass. The children are not going to … Continue reading

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Writer’s Retreat

Last year our little writer’s group decided we would shoot for taking two retreats a year where we really focus on writing. Our third retreat is this weekend and my excite-o-meter is set on SILLY. Because I am silly-excited. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Changing Goals

It’s a good thing I’m my own boss.  Sometimes I don’t know what I want to accomplish, other times there’s more to do than I can realistically get to.  I am forever changing what project I’m working on, which for … Continue reading

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Treason–A Book Review

Here’s a book some of you may enjoy.  Happy reading! Treason By Don Brown © 2005 Zondervan Publishers Zack Brewer, JAG officer for the US Navy, is one of the best naval prosecutors currently stationed in San Diego.  His next … Continue reading

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Keep On Keeping On

Today the School Crossing guard waved at me. It was a magic moment. Why on earth, you might ask would a wave be magic? Well, I would answer, it goes like this. For the last twelve years the same man … Continue reading

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