Being There and Doing That

This writer life I live takes place in the Metro East St. Louis area.  Even though my husband spent 20 years in the Air Force, we never set foot on foreign soil.  I don’t own a passport.  Therefore, a logical question could be asked, “Susan, why are you writing a novel which begins in Germany, travels to the United States, spends time in South America and even ventures to Israel?  Excellent question, by the way.  My answer to that follows in ascending order of viability:

  1. I have a great imagination.
  2. I love research-especially when I can’t read German train schedules and have to guess if German immigrants had to take their own food aboard ship.
  3. The closest I have been to Germany, France and Italy have been at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  I know the German dance costumes were authentic,-I made some of them.
  4. You can Google Earth anywhere in the world via the internet.-I just haven’t figured out how to Google Earth Germany in 1939.
  5. I have a great imagination.
  6. I have a great writer friend who lived in Germany for a while, thirty some years later, but what’s a few decades in comparison to how long the Earth has been in existence.
  7. Researching names will give you origin, when ancestors immigrated and a coat of arms.  I’m not sure why I need a coat of arms but it may come in handy someday.
  8. My dad told me we descended from a long line of horse thieves.  Our coat of arms included cell bars, a hangman’s noose and an unmarked grave.  The horse was taken off for political and economic-social reasons.
  9. Book research is augmented from watching documentaries, movies and reruns of Hogan’s Heroes.
  10. It can be fiction…………Thank you Michelle
  11. I have a great imagination.
  12. The internet is a valuable source of information.  Sometimes it goes home crying to mama with questions like, “How would a family have traveled from Kaiserslautern, Germany in 1939 to leave on a ship going to the United States.”  Even I don’t know where to begin sorting out that question to get a reasonable explanation but I have a great imagination.


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3 Responses to Being There and Doing That

  1. bredkrums says:

    Yes, Susan, you do have a great imagination. I’m glad I get to enjoy it when we share writing prompts. And I’ll gladly take the credit for saying, “It can be fiction.” 🙂


  2. bredkrums says:

    Great post. Fun read. Can’t wait to read the novel!!!! Hurry!!


  3. bredkrums says:

    A great sense of humor, an enviable imagination and you can cook, too!! . Can’t wait to read your book. It’s fiction, right? (Believe that’s #10 on your list.) You go, girl!



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