Should I or Shouldn’t I?

It’s the first day of the 2014 and I am confronted with the age old question, “Should I make a New Year’s resolution or not make a New Year’s resolution?” It’s a humbling and astounding experience to look back through the years and see the number of promises to myself that I have managed to break.

The cruelest/dumbest resolution involved avoiding sugar at all costs for an entire year. Now, of course, the sugar gods were laughing as I made that promise, for they knew my obsession with lemon pie and that it would trump any effort to steer clear of sugar. And they were right. That resolution lasted mere hours!

One year I decided I would downsize and clean one closet a week until there was room for summer AND winter clothes in one closet. Even my husband laughed at that one. In all our years of marriage, parting with clothing old or new always presented a struggle for me.  My philosophy is that it may not fit now, but it might fit by the end of the new year.  After all, wasn’t this the year those extra 30 pounds were going to disappear? Or at least 20? Never happened. Closets are still overflowing and I’m still wearing the same size.

The granddaddy of all resolutions, however, came about when I said, “Next year I’m starting my Christmas cards in July so that I will finally get them sent out.” I love getting Christmas cards. I love the long letters from friends telling me about their cruises and about hiking in New Zealand. I love pictures of toothless grandchildren and pets wearing Christmas sweaters. The sad truth is, however, that unless you send a card, the chances are great your friends will lose interest in sending their cards to you. And I am a slacker in the sending a card department. Good intentions aside, I didn’t get my cards done in July that year. Nor in December.  Bummer.

Which brings me back to now. And reality. I need to finish my book. Maybe I should make a resolution that I will finally type “The End” to Fire in My Bones this year. Oh, wait…maybe making that a New Year’s resolution isn’t such a great idea. Maybe I’ll just work on personal responsibility instead. Oh, wait….


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3 Responses to Should I or Shouldn’t I?

  1. Susan Korich says:

    You go Bev. Keep making those resolutions. This year you will put The End on your book.


  2. bredkrums says:

    I’ve never had much luck with New Year’s resolutions, either. If I want to do something, I’ll start doing it no matter what time of year. If I don’t, I must not have wanted to do it badly enough.


  3. Pat M. says:

    Ahhhh … resolutions. I’m a glutton for punishment. I’m resolutioned up!


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