Beware: Blinking Red Light

There seems to be a fine line between producing printable product and panic.  Writing is straightforward but the activities surrounding and supporting writing take me beyond my comfort zone.  Way beyond.  For instance, setting goals in life is something most people unconsciously do from Kindergarten age.  A six year old sees a toy in a commercial and knows to get that toy all he/she needs to do is go ask Grandma or Grandpa.  As for writing, say I want to produce a certain number of pages a day.  I write it down and set aside a segment of time five days a week to accomplish that goal.  Writer’s block notwithstanding, I achieve my goal.

Let’s say three other writer friends decide it would be a great idea to get out in cyberspace by creating a blog which requires frequent postings and maintenance.  The red light blinking is Susan’s panic button warning everyone near that she has stepped dangerously past the border of her comfort zone.  There will be colorful words filling the air and anyone stupid enough to interrupt while I am trying to remember another access code and password is going to come away bloody.  Two posting accomplished and I settle down when I realize that posting on a blog is not such a scary thing.  Whew.

Writer’s meetings on Saturday morning with three other writer friends can be a pleasure.  Writer’s lead solitary lives plinking away on computer keyboards, therefore, it is nice to get together and share experiences, give and receive assurances and eat.  Then there are the Saturday meetings that turn to bi-annual goals and Susan’s red light starts blinking again.  Even as I wrote down the words saying “Upload book to Kindle” I got that sick feeling which precludes the stomach flu.  I don’t know anything about creating a book for Kindle and all but one of my writer friends has that look of a rabbit just before it meets with a car bumper.  Three of us still haven’t lost it and we just met again for bi-annual goals.  All I can say for the other one, she either hides panic well or she is an anomaly of nature.

Two of the aforementioned goals seem easily attainable.  Posting once a month on the blog will be easy enough and writing 3 hours a week is almost nothing at this stage of our writing lives.  But marketing ourselves by posting on other blogs and hanging out in cyberspace?  Why do I need personal goals by Christmas?  I don’t know anything about marketing a Kindle book to get reviews and sell books.  Do you see that red light blinking again?  I am feeling wide-eyed and furry and could that be a semi I see coming?


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2 Responses to Beware: Blinking Red Light

  1. bredkrums says:

    Susan, dear, you are not the only one who stresses out over this writing journey. I remember when you guys asked me to try NaNoWriMo when my youngest was ten months old. I distinctly remember thinking you were all crazy. Then on November 1st that year I jumped in with both feet and now I have several novels in progress. Some stress is good, it motivates us to to do what we didn’t think we could.

    Your post also made me laugh. Thanks. (I spent an hour last night changing passwords, etc and it was very frustrating)



  2. susan says:


    Write on!



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