Proof: Bloodline Trilogy #1–A Book Review

Proof: Bloodline Trilogy #1–A Book Review

By Jordyn Redwood

© 2012 Kregel Publications

 Lilly Reeves works as an ER physician in Colorado.  One night when a patient comes into the ER after a hit and run accident, she claims she was raped previously and is now pregnant.  When a detective tries to check on the patient, Dr. Reeves pushes him out of the ER so the patient can receive the care needed.  When the possibility comes up that there may be a serial rapist in the community, Dr. Reeves wants the detective to make it known so the public can be warned.  The detective needs the patient for his case, but unfortunately both the mother and the baby die. Then Dr. Reeves herself is raped, becoming pregnant.  After learning the rapist kills all the pregnant victims, she goes into hiding while trying to find the truth about the rapist and his motives.  She wonders why the rapist doesn’t kill the victims on the spot.  She has to figure out what he’s after and how to stop him.  Can she do it in time before another victim falls to his prey? This is the first in a trilogy by a new suspense author to watch.


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