The In-Between–a review

The In-Between

The In-Between

By Jeff Goins

© 2013 Moody Publishers

Life is full of dull, boring times; lines and waiting.  But we can make the most of these times between major events and not let them pass us by without growing, learning or just being present in those moments.

These times add up to a lot of living, but not living fully if we don’t stop to recognize the value of them.  So much living happens between events while we are looking forward to the next one that we neglect to enjoy the in-between.  Living for the next big party, event or just for the weekend is not living.  We can end up wasting this time and be miserable or learn from it and make the most of it.

Sharing this knowledge, Goins gives readers a different, positive perspective on a better way to live the in-between.  He shares through personal stories from his life and how he is trying to make the most of the in-between.


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