On Distant Shores–a review


On Distant Shores

By Sarah Sundin                                 

© 2013 Revell

One of my favorite new authors is Sarah Sundin, author of WWII romance stories.  Her latest, On Distant Shores, is a blend of history, romance and surprises.  Meet Army nurse, Lt. Georgiana Taylor, who hides her fears of flying while performing her flight nurse duties.  It’s July 1943, and back home, her beloved Walt, is working the farm, waiting for the day Georgie can be released from her duties and settle down to be his wife as any sensible girl should want.  Georgie’s ideas of adventure clash with Walt’s.  When Georgie meets Sgt. John Hutchinson, Hutch for short, they develop a slow friendship, which Georgie is cautious of due to Hutch’s fiancé waiting his return.  When Georgie gets leave to go home, Hutch asks her to deliver a package to his fiancé.  Georgie is shocked to learn that unknown to Hutch, that back home, his fiancé has married and is a new mother.    Meanwhile, Hutch has a plateful of problems.  His pharmacy training isn’t appreciated and he’s working hard at getting officer status for himself and others enlisted as pharmacists.  How will he handle Georgie’s news from home?  With the world at war and things falling apart back home, can she and Hutch deepen their friendship into something more?


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