100 Ways to Look Like You’re Working Part 5

Here are the last 20 ways to look like you’re working, in case you have some skeptical critics in your life.  Whew!  Didn’t think I could come up with them all, did you? 😉 That’s okay.  I didn’t either!

I have enjoyed sending these ideas to you, and hope some of them are useful in your writing life.  In no special order, here are the last 20:

81. Do some crossword or Sudoku puzzles to keep the mind sharp

82. Weed out old items from your office to reduce clutter

83. Recycle older paper versions of your various projects

84. Delete old files from the computer and file drawer

85. Especially if you’re a writer, find exercises you like, since writing is a mostly sitting down activity

86. Write your own biography starting with childhood

87. Write about your favorite characters and why you like them so much

88. Write a filler article for a magazine you subscribe to

89. Read through a current writing magazine and take note of new markets, editors or genres you’d like to try

90. Flip through a market guide and read the listings

91. Thank your family and friends for sticking by you in your endeavors

92. Find something else creative to work on for a while like painting, scrapbooking or furniture restoring

93. Do the crossword or wordsearch in the newspaper

94. Find one other writer you can email weekly writing goals with

95. Make a necklace out of paper clips

96. Cut words out from magazines and write a poem with them for a child or friend

97. Write an acrostic with the letters in your name

98. Choose a pseudonym in case you need one later on

99. Send me some of your ideas…..

 100! And of course, the number 100 way to look like you’re working—- is to WRITE!  Anything!  Any type!  Any genre!

Happy Writing!




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