100 Ways to Look Like You’re Working Part 4

Well, folks, we are near the end of this 5-part post.  I will post the last 20 ways to look like you’re working later this week.  If you have any ideas, feel free to comment.  We would love to hear from you!



61. Handwrite a letter and mail it (brighten somebody’s day)

62. Write about who or what inspires you…if it’s who, let them know

63. Explain how something in your office inspires you to write

64. Write an essay on how you keep at it, day after day

65. Make up an imaginary weekly itinerary for when you hit the big seller list

66. Sort your email inbox, making new folders for writing related information

67. Sort your desktop, making folders for each category

68. Search online for new markets to try

69. Write the script for your novel in case you sell the screen rights

70. Write a short story or essay without using adverbs (-ly words)

71. See how many of the Crayola 64 colors you can use in a current project

72. Read through old notebooks, looking for something you can work on

73. Read through your stack of writing magazines and file any articles you want to read again (in your newly organized and labeled files)

74. Take advantage of back-to-school sales and stock up on notebooks, folders, pens and sticky notes

75. Dust the leaves of your office plants, then water them

76. Look up words at dictionary.com and learn some new ones for your current project

77. Make a reading list of the writing books you want to read this year

78. Search for books you want to read on your library search site and request any that are available

79. Take a weekend and organize your writing space

80. Write a dedication for your work in progress

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