100 Ways to Look Like You’re Working Part 3

Sorry for the delay, readers.  I was in Hannibal, MO, taking in the sights with the fam.  Here is the third installment, feel free to add to it in the comments.



41. Find three or four blogs about writing and leave a comment (hint, hint!)

42. Write out a menu plan for the month

43. Write out the grocery list for the menu plans

44. Write the jacket copy for a novel in progress

45. Write the ‘About You’ paragraph for your website or blog, or update it if you already have one

46. Play Boggle or Scrabble online

47. Edit something you’ve written (maybe you can submit it)

48. Write a poem

49. Write a song

50. Write a short tip for a magazine you subscribe to

51. Write a book review for a book on Amazon

52. Write a comic strip for your favorite cartoon

53. Write a commercial for your favorite product

54. Describe your dream office

55. Describe your dream writing assignment

56. Write an acceptance speech for a writing award

57. Write a how-to article about starting a writing career

58. Write a bucket list of projects you want accomplished

59. Write a travel article based on your last vacation or business trip

60. Write three blog posts

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