100 Ways to Look Like You’re Working Part 2

For your reading enjoyment, here are 20 more ways to look like you’re busy writing if someone walks by your desk or cubicle.



21. Pace the floor while holding your Dictaphone

22. Write a wish list from an office supply catalog

23. Write a wish list from a furniture catalog

24. Write a list of projects you’ve started and haven’t finished; maybe you’ll feel like working on one

25. Write a list of markets you’d like to have a project published in

26. Write out your one year goals

27. Write out your five year goals

28. Write out your ten year goals

29. From your one year goals, figure out what to do monthly to meet them

30. Update or write your bio

31. Compile a list of your writing credits so far

32. Write out interview questions for yourself and the answers

33. Make a list of your favorite authors and their books

34. Make a list of your favorite writing books and/or magazines and websites

35. Write a fan letter to your favorite author

36. Send a question to a magazine column

37. Write an episode for your favorite television show

38. Write a sequel to a classic

39. While taking a snack break, write up a new description of said snack

40. Write out a menu plan for the week

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