It’s In the Details

Bev, Pat, and Susan and I were looking at old cookbooks at our last writer’s meeting. And when I say old, I mean from 1904 old.

I had an old cookbook from my grandma and had flipped through it several months ago. I read some of the recipes and wondered how much of an ingredient was called for. Some recipes said “one box” or “one bottle”. The ingredients mentioned by box or bottle, come in various sizes today and I wondered how much I really would need for the recipe. I’m not sure, which makes the recipe pretty useless unless I wanted to experiment and try to figure it out. No time for that.

For writers, details are important. Sometimes it matters whether you say a small box, or a three-ounce box. Especially in recipes. Who knows, maybe in the future, items we use today won’t be available anymore or will come in different packaging. Specifics in this case are very important. It could mean the difference between a delicious sponge cake or a flop.

During writing projects of any nature, it helps to keep your reader in mind. Years later, will the dialogue make sense or have the same meaning? Will describing the setting a certain way be understood by future generations? These are just some things to remember when writing.

Do you have other suggestions for writers in regards to their readers? Share in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!


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