Just Passing By

During our Air Force career, my husband and I have lived on the east coast, in the deep south and even far out in the wild west but never encountered the oddity our little home town seems to claim an exclusivity upon.  Someone back in the golden age of our little town decided it would be a great idea to post the names of the recently departed under their funeral home signs.  Each time I drive by I am compelled to look and see whose name is displayed, when and where their visitation and funeral will be held.  It makes me sad to know this is the last place that will ever post their names in public and time passage will fade their memory as water washes sand writing from the shore.  Yet at that moment I wonder what kind of person they were, what experiences of life did they have?  Did they believe in the saving power of Jesus or did they lead a life apart from God?  God created them and all the rest of us as eternal beings.  We weren’t meant to taste death but to live our lives in the presence of God.  Adam walked with God in the garden in the evening and stood before Him to name all the animals.  He awoke to God presenting him with his life’s mate, Eve.  God’s desire to be in the company of his special creation didn’t change after sin corrupted man and world alike.  He still wants a day to day relationship with us despite sin drawing a line, called death, between man and eternity.  God awaits on the other side of death with all eternity with Him.  All we have to do is choose.  If we choose God we will spend eternity with Him, if we choose to reject God we will spend eternity in agony for our wrong choice.  

While our little town may have its quirks, the funeral postings as one of them; I think they are onto something.  When I read the names of the dead, I imagine their life on the other side of this existence in eternity with God or apart from God and it reminds me to think on my eternity and where I will spend it.



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