Thoughts into Actions

There is no end to the books available. Since I am a writer I love to read. They go hand-in-hand. And the best writing instructors tell you if you are not reading, you are not feeding your writing self. I have a pretty full plate right now and quite often the thing that falls off the plate is my reading time. I hate that because I love to read and I know it is important.

So, I’ve been reading. Want to know what? The old Napoleon Hill book, Think and Grow Rich. Oh my goodness! It is a treasure trove! I am loving it.

We have been schooling ourselves this entire year. We being this writer’s group as well as my husband and myself. Quite often we have made the statement “We feel like we are in school!”

But we have set our sights on reaching our goals and letting nothing stand in our way — not fear, not busy-ness, not anything.

And that is the heart and soul of this book: Putting your thoughts into your subconscious and watching them come to pass because your mind and your subconscious work for you. It is a scientific (sort of) iteration of setting your sights on your goal and seeing it come to fruition. It is a full blown description of seeing the desires of your heart come to pass and how to assist in that activity. It is the power of feeding your mind positive thoughts and what happens when you perform that activity.

It is feeding a part of me that was malnourished. Severely malnourished.

I challenge you to pick it up again if you have read it before, or read it for the first time and accept the challenges therein. I am. Just wait until you hear how things turn out!

Loving the journey,


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One Response to Thoughts into Actions

  1. bredkrums says:

    I will have to check out this book sometime, when I don’t already have a toppling pile of books to read! Thanks!


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