Why Ironing is Like Writing

I hate ironing, but love the look of ironed clothes.  I try to remind myself of this when shopping for new clothes.  If an item needs to be ironed, I put it back on the rack.  For the couple of things I own that do need ironing, I have a daughter who will iron for me—for a price.  She loves to iron.

You’re probably asking why ironing is like writing.  Ironing is like writing because there are people I know who say they want to write, but don’t.  You ask them what they’ve written, and they’ll answer, “Oh, I’ve never written anything, but I’ve thought about writing____.” (fill in the blank)  Others will say, “I’ve written a little bit, but it’s not very good and I haven’t written in years.”  Still others say, “I love to write!  I just don’t have time.”  These are the kinds of ‘writers’ who love to have written.  They don’t actually want to do it.  Just like I don’t want to iron, but would rather have the results of something ironed.


The difference for those who do actually write, paint, draw, or whatever, is that they make it a practice to do so on a regular basis and they have progress to show for it.  They add it to their schedule; whether it’s daily, weekly, or a couple times a month.  You can make a lot of headway in a project by working on it in 30 minute increments. (This is how I have 6 novels at various stages)

But if you truly want to be a writer, then you have to do the activity of writing.  Be it on a legal pad with pen or pencil, or computer, writing actually means writing.  Not reading about it.   Not talking about it.  Not dreaming about it.  But actually writing.  Writing is an activity like many others where the act of doing it increases its quality.  Practice makes perfect.  Writing makes better quality writing.

So if you are in the wannabe boat, and are really serious about writing, just start.  Write for a few minutes each day and see how you like it.  Like a ballet dancer or a violinist needs practice, writers need to write.

See where it might lead you.  Try a blog.  Write a poem.  Try a short story.  Stop talking about wanting to be a writer, and BE one.  Write.

Let me know if you take the leap into writing.  Share in the excitement and leave a comment.


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2 Responses to Why Ironing is Like Writing

  1. Amy says:

    Great post, Michelle! 🙂


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