Attack Your Weakness

In my reading this week I came across an article by a personal trainer about attacking your weakness. He was talking about focusing on an area of your body that is your weakest area. If your belly is your biggest problem, focus on ab exercises; if your legs are scrawny, do squats until you are blue in the face; etc. Then I read a second blogger that talked about focusing on your eating before focusing on exercise because most people are so weak and lacking self-control regarding their diet that until that is strengthened, the rest is moot. Two different guys, same theme.

I got to thinking that the motto “attack your weakness” could apply to just about anything. To writing. To housework. To raising a family. To running a children’s ministry.

Think about an area in your life that is important to you. Like, writing. What is your weakness? Is it dialogue? Is it description? Is it showing instead of telling?

What is it?

Think about it…

Be honest.

It doesn’t help if you aren’t honest. Face the weakness, even if it is painful. Even if it makes you feel weak. Just name it. Grab a small notebook and write it down. Really.

I’m not kidding. Write it down.

Now, what would counter balance that weakness? It’s easy if we are talking about a weak muscle – strengthen it. Or if we are talking about an unruly child – discipline it. Or if we are talking about an unbalanced diet – eat more veggies!

So, look at your weakness as squarely in the eye as you can.

What would be the counter attack?

Whatever it is, there is a glut of information to help you if you just take a little time to look. Or perhaps you will need to ask some questions.

Look it up. Buy the book on the subject.

Ask the questions.

Attack the weakness.

It may sound like I am over simplifying this, but I am not. It really is that simple. The hard part is not being intimidated by someone who is really strong where you are weak. Chances are you are the strength to their weakness, too. Learn from them. Let yourself grow.

I ran a children’s ministry department for a couple of decades.

The first year I decided to do a big Children’s Crusade I was so excited. God gave me the entire idea. I wrote the plan, the scripts, the ideas, the everything. I hunted down the music and the props and the character costumes. But I needed help. Three ladies offered to help me. Here is the scary part – they were all three super organizers!!! Wow did they keep me on my toes. We had a blast and after the final service we went out to seriously celebrate.

While we were celebrating they made this comment: “Miss Pat, do you realize God had to send three organizers to handle you?” I wasn’t quite sure how to take that! I was embarrassed. I was humbled. And then I was thrilled! That is how weak I was in organization and He filled it to overflowing.

Attack your weakness. Find the training or products you need. Ask the questions. Right away. Don’t wait!!


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One Response to Attack Your Weakness

  1. bredkrums says:

    I have several and don’t know which one to attack first! I have been consciously reducing some sugar intake for two days. I’ll start there.


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