Writing Doubts

I’m in good company.  Best-selling authors also suffer with doubts in regard to their stories, wondering if what they are doing matters to anyone else and if readers will like their stories.  I just read an article in an old Writer’s Digest magazine (I have magazines stashed all over the house) about Harlan Coben.  He has doubts, too.  It’s interesting that I found this article a few days after reading my first Coben book, Play Dead.  I am a new fan, late to the game, if you will.  So many great books, so little time.

These doubts include wondering if all this time I spend working on my books is worth it.  Will they ever get read?  Will I have any readers outside my family?  Will anyone care about my characters like I do?  Will they laugh or cry while reading my books?

But I enjoy the writing life so much.  Even with the doubts, I wouldn’t trade this gig for anything, despite the paltry pay (for articles and book reviews, not novels—yet!).  I don’t really want to make a lot of money, I would just be happy with readers buying my books because they enjoy the satisfaction of reading a good story.  Some money would be great, but my goals are not to hit the best seller list, or make a huge advance.

I love thinking up characters and throwing things at them they don’t like.  Funny, sounds like real life, doesn’t it?  Anyway, creating up plots, settings, and moving your characters around like a puppeteer moves his puppets is great fun.


Trust me. 

I think it’s important for a person to do what he or she likes.  And I enjoy writing novels. 

Doubts assail many authors and it’s good to know I’m in good company.


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