Freedom Isn’t Free

As you enjoy your grilled burger or steak today, or a picnic at the local park, please take a moment and remember those who have died in the fight for freedom.  The price is high for some; a huge sacrifice.

Both my grandfathers served in the Armed Forces during World War II and my father was in the Navy during Vietnam.  He doesn’t talk about it much, but it makes me proud he was willing to die if needed to fight for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t.  My own husband is retired from the Air Force and served his country well. 

I’m grateful for those who’ve lost loved ones so I can enjoy my freedoms we have in America.  The freedom to worship, raise our children how we see fit, to work in a career or job we chose, to travel freely, to gain an education and so much more.  America is the best country on earth, and I love it.

Thank you to all those who have served, are serving, and especially to those who gave their lives for America’s freedoms.

God bless America!


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