The Cure for Cancer

As I was contemplating why so many people in my personal circle have cancer, and some who’ve gotten lung cancer and don’t even smoke, I wondered if we already have the cure right under our noses.

If farmers would stop dumping chemicals on their crops and factories would stop pouring chemicals in our waterways and if companies would stop adding hormones and other harmful ingredients to beef, chicken, milk and who knows what else; and our food wasn’t modified, altered, or ruined, we could probably reduce the amount of cancer considerably.

These chemicals and altered foods don’t mix well in our bodies’ eco system, if you will.  And then on top of that, if we don’t eat real food; the kind that has to be washed, peeled, or cooked, it’s like our bodies are fighting off an army of harmful bacteria and radicals with a butter knife.  No wonder we humans are sick a lot.  We need colorful and nutritious fruits and vegetables to keep us healthy.

Granted, my diet is far from perfect.  And I love chocolate.  But I seriously need to eat more fruits and vegetables for my health.  I am working on eating five servings of fruit or vegetables a day.  My life may even depend on it. 

What do you need to do to improve your health?  Are you eating right, exercising and getting six to eight hours of sleep nightly?  It’s tough isn’t it?  I don’t get nearly the amount of exercise I need either.  That’s the next thing I need to work on right along with eating more fruits and veggies.

Now where did I put those carrot sticks?


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