Writing Excitement

         I have been overwhelmed lately with my writing projects.  I am excited about my progress but feel like I have so much to do; I don’t know what to work on first.  Normally, I already have two to three projects to work on, but now I have a few more than that.

          Recently I got back the medical information I need for one novel, so now I can add that in and flesh out the scenes and edit the last chapter and print it out for one last read through before seeking an agent or editor.

          I read recently some articles on writing memoirs and think I have figured out how to end my memoir that I started several years ago.  That book is also almost done.

           Then last Saturday I had a vivid dream that has become the basis of a new novel I’m excited about and have written nearly 6000 words on so far and still have ideas to keep it going.

            The writing life is full of adventure and excitement but does include dull parts like…hmm, not coming up with any dull parts at the moment.  I enjoy all aspects of writing, except for hearing back from editors (on articles and book reviews).

           This September I am attending a writer’s conference and I plan to talk with an editor or publisher on my nearly completed novel.  This is very exciting and makes me nervous thinking about it. 

            So there are days that choosing which project—whether a novel, memoir, blog post, or book review to work on can be a little overwhelming.  But today you can see I chose the blog post.  I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into a writer’s life.

            This writing adventure for me anyway, is coupled with homeschooling three children and keeping a toddler entertained, Bible lessons and prayer, keeping up with the household management, reading library books and scrapbooking in my spare time (ha!).

            Just yesterday I had a conversation with Molly, my second child.  We were talking about not liking Mondays.  I told her she had a lot of Mondays in her lifetime yet and if you find the kind of work you enjoy, you won’t mind Mondays at all. 

            I don’t mind Mondays at all.  And I hope you don’t, either.


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