The teachers in the synagogue

Sunday was Mother’s Day and our pastor, like many across the country I am sure, gave a Mother’s Day message. He spoke about Mary and the passages that state “She pondered these things in her heart.” Then he talked about when Jesus was 12 and was left behind in Jerusalem when his family returned to Nazareth. He was found three days later in the temple visiting with the teachers in the synagogue. He was astounding them with his answers to questions, and probably with the quality of his questions as well.

So, I sat there listening and  pondering myself. And I asked a question in my mine and wrote it down in my tablet — Could it be that some of the teachers, scribes, and Pharisees that were reprimanded by Jesus during his adult ministry years were among those in the temple being amazed by him when he was 12?

Wouldn’t that be interesting? Even if there was just one. I wonder what his thoughts were. Did he remember the little boy from 20 years earlier?

I just wonder.



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