Oh, How Time Flies!

Amy’s getting married, and I can hardly believe it.

She has had her wedding shower— with wonderful gifts galore. She has picked out a church and pastor. Beautiful invitations.  And  flowers and dresses and colors and food.  And, of course, a stunning gown and veil.  Oh, and music. What would a wedding be without music?

I almost forgot the very most important part…Amy is marrying a charming, hunky, sweet man named Austin.

But wait. When did “our” Amy become a woman?  What ever became of the home schooled Amy who was so comfortable with adults that she joined our writing group and pumped out “prompts” every week. Where’s the Amy who wrote things and read them out loud even when she didn’t want to and whose writing improved right before our eyes?

The Amy I’m thinking of went to Writers’ conferences with us and charmed authors with her maturity and enthusiasm.  The Amy who is so dear to me took tender and loving care of her Mother during a difficult illness. She baked cakes that were too beautiful to eat. She went to the prom and graduated from high school and went to Colorado to college.

And then, she came home in love with Austin. Not surprisingly, Austin was in love with her too.

So, on Saturday, Daddy Dan will walk Amy down the aisle and Mommy Pat will sit in the pew wondering when Amy became a woman.  Michelle and I will sit in another pew filled with joy to see the happiness in her family as Amy and Austin become man and wife in the eyes of God.  Everyone will have a grand time.

Then we’ll go home and wonder how this happened. How is it possible that Amy grew up so fast? How is it possible that time could fly by at such super sonic speed?

We thank God for these wonderful memories, and pray that Amy and Austin will be blessed with many long years together.

Amy’s getting married, and I can hardly believe it.


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