Looking into Hunter’s Eyes

My new grandson came into the world January 4, 2013. He had been trying to come out for a couple of weeks so it was kind of like a “finally!” moment even though he was a few days early. He came to us beautiful and perfect and adorable. He’s number three grandchild for me. Number Three!

I have welcomed one new grand baby each of the last three years, well almost. No one was actually born in 2012, but Hunter was being readied for. Since he came so early in 2013, perhaps we could have one more this year from someone … hint, hint, hint.  That is what I call Extreme Blessings. Perhaps they should have that as a reality show – Extreme Blessings!

Newborns are precious and cuddly and insanely tiny. Hunter is really tiny. Everything is tiny; even his mouth is tiny. I simply can’t get over his adorable little mouth. My first, Dani, was a tiny little bundle too. She still is tiny at 2 1/2 years old. She’s just a tiny little bundle of love and sweetness. But the second one, Xander, he had some beef on him. And even though he was newborn tiny, his hands and feet were not. He is like a Saint Bernard puppy still at 17 months old. He has rolls of fat on his wrists and ankles that we all love to pinch and squeeze. And his feet are something to notice! But Hunter, oh no, he is a tiny little guy.

Yesterday I held him and just stared at him. I am not one of those who loves the newborns stage more than anything. My mom is. She absolutely loves the newborn phase. I rather like the chasing around phase, the telling jokes phase, etc. But when it is a newborn grand baby, well, I must say this Nana melts like butter. I just wanted to stare at him for hours. I know this phase will feel like it passes in mere minutes so I want to soak in as much as I can.

He opened his deep blue peepers and looked back at me and I couldn’t help wonder what was going on in that tiny little head. What kind of thoughts pass through your mind, Hunter? What kind of sense of humor will you have? What will strike your funny bone? His brother, Xander, is a nut and a half. Oh the things that boy thinks are funny. Like watching my toy poodle eat! He laughs so hard he almost falls over. What, I ask you, is so funny about that? No one knows except Xander alone.

How about you, Hunter? Will you think that silly stuff is the funniest thing ever? Or will you have more of a dry, sarcastic humor; like your mother and your grandpa? Will you love cars or trains or animals or weapons or balls? Will you be a runner? A thinker? A reader? A creator? A singer? A drummer? A writer? A designer?

Oh, the questions I have as I look into your eyes. I can’t wait to know you. I’ll be right here for you anytime; ready to listen or laugh or chat or pray or be quiet together. Call me as soon as you can work the phone. Nana’s here.

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One Response to Looking into Hunter’s Eyes

  1. Michelle says:

    Precious! Looking forward to those days.


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