Almost Amish

Over fifteen years ago, I and a friend flew from the Midwest to Boston to visit her sister who lived in a nearby suburb.  One afternoon, we were looking for a particular sea food restaurant in the heart of downtown Boston.  I remember we stood on the sidewalk, amidst towering buildings and parking garages.  And we just watched people rushing everywhere.  We watched as a constant throng of people raced past us, across the street or rode in cars from one end of the street to the other.  We heard the rush of traffic, car horns blaring, and all the while nobody really aware of what they were doing but hurrying.  I wondered how they could live like that.  Always in quick motion, day in and day out.  It was amazing to me.  The three of us stood there for a few minutes taking it in with glazed eyes, but no one took notice.  We all agreed we would leave the rat race to the locals.

Here it is, 2012, and I wonder if the same people are still rushing daily on that street.  Are their lives any better today?  Do they feel any life satisfaction; do they savor a meal, or relax with a book?  Do they notice the seasons change or watch rain drops slide down a window?

I commented to my mom recently that I’m almost ready to become Amish.  My life is not nearly as hectic as those we watched that day in Boston, but it is still too fast.  And with all of today’s technology and machinery, we still rush from one activity to the next.  What have these gadgets gained us? 

We live a life of abundant stuff, but we do not live an abundant life.

I think in many respects, the Amish have it right.  Less is more, and the simple life is much more satisfying than chasing after the latest and greatest meaningless stuff. 

Trying to slow things down a little…one day at a time.


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