Time for a change?

Long ago (when I was young and silly) I loved winter. I truly did. So I loved Fall even more than I do now. It meant winter was around the corner. But, I’m sorry to admit, I have gotten over winter. I really have. I try to talk myself into liking it again; you know, the beauty of the snow, the crispness of the air, blah, blah, blah. It has not worked. I could do without it. I long for the desert climate where people feel like they will freeze to death when the thermostat drops to 50 degrees.

But I still love Fall. I love the colors, I love the air, I love sweater weather, I love the end of a long hot summer (especially this year). Fall decorations are my favorite. Soup is my favorite thing to make unless I’m baking fruity delicious muffins. Both of which take on new meaning in the Fall.

And I love the feeling of freshness in the air; a new season, a new start. I would like a new start.

Truthfully, I would like an old start. I used to write so regularly. I would like to start that anew, again. To that end, I pulled up a blank screen on the computer to write this post. Rather proactive, wouldn’t you say?

What would happen if every time we wanted to make a change we simply got up and did something about it. Like exercise, for example? What if I just got up and went for a long walk everything I thought about the weight I need to lose and the shape I am not in? That would be fabulous!

Well, I think I will: go for a walk and WRITE!

What do you want to start doing so you can see a change take place? Just do it! Tell me, I’ll be excited with you.

pat meyers

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