Proverbs 31 Woman I Am Not

I dread the 31st of those months which have 31 days.  That is the day I have to endure reading about a woman who seems perfect.  For part of my quiet time (ha!) I read a chapter of Proverbs and/or a Psalm before praying over my day.

For starters she gets up while it is still dark.  I do too, when it’s cloudy or snowing.  My husband gets up at 4:30.  I do not provide food for him that early and have no servant girls (though my daughters probably feel like they are at times).

She makes clothing for her family and coverings for her bed.  I can sew on buttons and fix small rips or tears.  I cover the bed with a store-bought comforter set. She makes linen garments and sells them and  sells sashes to merchants.  I write book reviews and articles and sell them (sometimes).

I definitely am not laughing at the days to come.  I fear for my children and their spiritual strength in a world going darker by the day.  Yes, I have hope for my eternal life and theirs, but life is going to get ugly before it gets better.

There are many other reasons I am not the Proverbs 31 Woman, but you get the idea.  I reviewed a book once from the author’s perspective that this chapter is a composite of what a noble woman should be like and wasn’t necessarily just one specific woman.  Regardless, many women love to dislike her.

But she does provide some goals and inspiration.  And if you fear the Lord as I do, we are to be praised.  That’s a good thing.


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