Lost in thought…

After a particularly heavy overnight rain two weeks ago the sun came out, and hubby Don and I made ready to go to church. Don got the car out of the garage and we slowly drove down our graveled curving driveway, only to discover half way to the street that a tree had fallen and completely blocked the way. No church that morning.

Don called our son-in-law and the two of them happily revved up their chain saws and spent the morning sawing, splitting and separating fireplace worthy pieces from burn pile odds and ends. Next there was the trimming and clearing and hauling. And finally the lamenting. We had lost a tree and it would be missed.

We wondered at the fact that one tree had fallen and all the others stood. The roots of the tree that fell were so shallow they could not withstand the storm. The tree had the same sustenance as the trees around it and the same earth covered its roots. The sun shone on that tree equally with all the rest that grew around it, but the fact remained that the roots were too shallow, and thus it couldn’t stand up to the fury of a storm.

And so we are with God. Without the depth of a relationship with the Almighty, we find ourselves unable to withstand the storms of life. Without the nourishment of God’s word, without knowing that His love covers us, we have little to cling to when things get bad. We are a blessed people when we realize that our strength comes not from the shallowness of culture but from the depth of belief in our Savior.

Hope your storms are few…and that your faith is deep.


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