Loss of Anticipation

The other day on the radio they mentioned today’s teenagers aren’t getting their driver’s licenses as quickly as they used to.  One father called in and said his kids weren’t anxious to get theirs and he finally told them they had to when they turned 17.

I know that insurance and gas are very high right now, but I also wonder if part of it is the lack of anticipation in our society.  Nobody waits for anything anymore.  Buying a house, getting a cell phone, even making dinner in the microwave.  Today’s teens seem to have phones already and wear makeup and have many techno toys.

My aunt started a tradition of having her daughters wait until they were 13 to get their ears pierced.  I was the oldest in my family and the only daughter, so I had to wait until then, too.  My oldest will be 13 this summer and she has no desire to get her ears pierced.  My second born is going to be 11 in a few weeks and does want hers pierced.  I have been debating whether to let her since my oldest doesn’t want to do it anyway.  But after listening to the discussion on the radio and thinking about it some more, I don’t know if I should still make her wait.  Turning 13 is a big deal in our society; being a teenager and having more freedoms but with more responsibility.

Would she look forward to it more if she had to wait two more years, would she be more responsible?  She isn’t very responsible now, so I hope so.  However, there’s not a lot of care involved with pierced ears as opposed to getting up early every morning for a paper route for instance.

What kinds of things did you anticipate growing up?  Do you make your kids do the same thing or did you do the opposite and give them what they wanted when they asked?  Do you think today’s kids look forward to as much as those in their 40s and older?  I would love to hear any feedback.

I have a few weeks to decide on whether we pierce my daughter’s ears this year or wait two more.  What do you think?



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