So many things to write …

So many words to write. Sometimes they swirl inside of me so strongly that I am compelled to sit down immediately (or get up if I’m in bed) and commit it to paper or computer screen. And sometimes they swirl so swirly that I am stymied and end up writing nothing at all.

Anyone else go through that? I don’t seem to have writer’s block as much as writer’s stymification. (Yes, that is now a word even though my spell check says otherwise.)

I have a few things on my I REALLY WANT TO WORK ON THAT list and I can’t seem to figure out where to begin. I’ve had this problem before. This is not new.

I’ve also had times of incredible productivity. Why can’t I switch that button to the GO setting on command? Wouldn’t that be nice? And not just for writing — but for organizing the house, mopping the floors, doing this or that or one of a myriad of things on any of our lists.

Back to what I know to be truth. JUST GET STARTED! (I’m yelling at myself here.) I know that if I just do something, eventually things get checked off the list. So where to start … where to start?

I know, I’ll got put my new decorative doo-dads out in my garden. (hehehe) Did I mention that I just love my garden?

I really do.

And then I’ll get busy on a writing project.

I promise.


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