I’ve planted a garden

So, I’ve started a garden. I’ve never had a vegetable garden before. I’ve killed so many flower plants I just thought it would be unkind. I did try herbs once. That was brutal. But ever year — EVERY SINGLE YEAR — hope reigns supreme that I, yes I, would be able to garden. I just want to. Of course, I would like to sing well too. I guess I think gardening is more within my reach.

This year I have read so much about growing things, soil conditioning, pest control, organic weed control, canning, freezing, preserving of all kinds. My head is literally spinning from all the information.

And so I began. The garden was planted. It is a small little thing; just a couple of raised beds and a few pots. Oh, and a mounded area for a few pumpkin plants. I was so proud. Thrilled actually.

Then two days later a rabbit (or a herd of them) had a heyday in my beds. Oh my it looked like they had a blast! I could hardly look at it. My husband and I just stared. Then we turned around, got in the car and went to Rural King for fencing and posts. We put a little wire fence around our little area and then went to the garden center. We replanted what was trashed and then stared and felt proud again.

Two days ago I went out in the morning to stare at my little jewels and a huge bunny was staring through the fence. I said HA! and he bounded off.

I want to grow things. I want to eat the fruit of my own labor (literally). And when I pick the first little …whatever…I will eat it with gratitude and joy.

It’s kind of funny. So many people garden successfully. So many. Every time I talk to anyone I find out they garden. Oh my I feel like the tiny minority. Itsy bitsy tiny minority. But I don’t care! I have a garden this year!

I’ve always put up some food from our local farm stand, which I will still have to do, but I will eat something that I grew this year!

Yesterday as I was puttering around in there I was reviewing scripture. So many scriptures deal with planting and reaping. And how funny that at 51 I can finally apply it to what I actually sowed and what I hope to reap. I’ve used those verse for everything from finances to kindness, but this year I hope to reap cauliflower and peppers and eggplant.

But, we are at the beginning. We’ll chat again in July and August perhaps. I still plan on planting kindness wherever I go; but I also planted onion sets this year!


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