Enjoying the Moment

Last week the three of us: Bev, Michelle, and me; had a rare opportunity to sit and visit for an afternoon. Bev just had surgery so Michelle and I went to her house. Such a good deed we did – we went and sat on her screened-in back porch overlooking a lovely wooded lot on a lake front. Oh, how we sacrifice for our friend! The weather was beyond perfect and we gave ourselves to the pleasure of friendship, nature, and conversation.

Bev sipped an unsweetened tea all afternoon, I enjoyed a plain mineral water, and Michelle had a hot fudge sundae shake. Needless to say, Michelle does not need to concern herself with the scale (even when she’s pregnant). It is very difficult to like her. But Bev and I give it our best.

Our conversation went along a hundred different lines, like most woman gatherings. We talked about writing, our kids, my job, our homes, Bev’s recovery, Michelle’s home schooling, and God. We talked about ways to give that truly impact others and shared our heart on the plight of girls in India and children in the Sudan.

After leaving an afternoon with those ladies I feel refreshed, encouraged, challenged, and befriended. How delightful is that?

And that is with earthly friends. Imagine how much more refreshing our time with Jesus ought to be; how encouraging, how challenging, and how befriending. If we, being human know how to be friends with one another, how much more He.

How is your time with Jesus lately? Refreshing? Encouraging? Take the time, visit with your friend. He wants that time with you. He would set aside that time especially for you. He would listen to your heart and share His with you.

How delightful to remember that we can enjoy the moment with Him. Any moment of any day.


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One Response to Enjoying the Moment

  1. Bev says:

    After a less than positive day, your post made me feel wonderful. Refreshed. Happy. Thanks, Pat.


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