The Right Trees and The Wrong Grass

Several weeks ago I made the comment to my mom that in America we grow the wrong kind of grass.  I’m not sure who in America decided that sod grass should be grown in every yard, for almost every house all across the country, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Why is it the wrong grass?  So glad you asked.  Since the beginning of time, way back in the Garden of Eve, trees have been going through a cycle in which they drop their leaves.  It’s been going on a long time—trees grow new leaves in spring, drop them in the fall.  This cycle repeats every year and hasn’t stopped anywhere for any reason that I know of.

Here, in America, those leaves that have been falling forever, kill the sod grass if they’re left there.   So, how do we remedy this?  We rake them, let the wind blow them to other yards, or leave them to kill the grass.  Or heaven forbid, use the worst manmade invention ever, aka a leaf blower, to annoy the entire neighborhood for hours, while wasting either electricity or gas.  Don’t get me started.

Then, we water and fertilize the grass and it grows so we mow it.  Then we water it again and mow it and on and on.  Somehow this doesn’t make much sense to me.  If trees are going to continue dropping their leaves, we need a different kind of grass.  After all, we can’t tape or glue the leaves back on like they show on cartoons. 

In our new yard, we have a lot of grass.  Part of it is waiting to be tilled for a garden.  And we have a lovely side yard with a huge tree where I might put in a shady glen.  We have several trees that drop their leaves, so perhaps we will find another use for our grounds other than just regular sod. 

I’m looking forward to our first spring and summer in our new house, and that includes the yard, the future garden and lots of new flowers I want to plant.  And eventually the right kind of grass, whatever that is.

Happy Spring!



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