Getting Rid of Clutter

Oy I have had a crummy week. How’s that for an opening line? No lead in … no “it was a dark and stormy night” … just crummy. I decided to catch whatever bug was going around. My grandson was sick, my daughter got sick, one of the nurses in the office was hacking and wheezing. Apparently I felt left out. In my mind, I was okay with it. But something deep inside must have wanted to join in; because it did. I finally gave in and went to the doc today to get some antibiotics because it was winning. I definitely lost that battle. I’ll probably feel a little more human tomorrow.

Along with that my wrist has been screaming. I am going to have to address some ergonomics at my work station.

On top of that … oh who needs to hear more?!? I mean really. It’s not that big of a deal, I just haven’t felt good. And with that I have let some clutter build up.

I think that is one of the things I dislike the most in my life. Clutter. Clutter that gathers on table tops, desk tops, dressers and shelves. And, more than that clutter — because you can pick that stuff up and get it taken care of in short order — I hate the clutter that builds up in the mind.

Do you know what I mean?

You know, you want to get stuff done and you either don’t feel up to it or you just plain don’t want to do it, so you bug yourself about it. Incessantly. And what about when a crummy thought comes through and instead of pitching it out right away, you entertain it a bit. Mind clutter. Yuck.

I’ve been studying God’s Unmerited Favor lately and one of the aspects that has been on my study docket as of late is this subject specifically: taking every thought captive. I figure that is something like taking care of clutter. Just take a moment, pick it up, pitch what needs to be pitched; and forget about it. Dust the shelf and enjoy the peacefulness that comes with things being in order.

Things in order mentally is definitely a peaceful state.

So here I am, Sunday evening (I was supposed to post on Saturday) and I am taking care of some clutter — a pile of tissues, mail that has been ignored, and some thinking that has settled in while I haven’t been feeling good. Time to sweep it clean and let those lovely positive juices flow again.

What a great way to end the weekend and look forward to the work week. Freshened up from the inside out.

“Let Your thoughts take residence in my mind, Lord.” Amen.



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