Spring Cleaning

I have a favorite cleaning/dejunking author.  Really.  His name is Don Aslett and he is the author of more than two dozen books on cleaning and getting rid of clutter.  He has a huge cleaning business he started from scratch years ago and is very successful.

A couple times I have checked out from the library his book, Weekend Makeover, and liked it so much, I finally ordered it recently.  It’s all about getting rid of tons of clutter in one weekend.  He is sort of humorous and sort of sarcastic and all his books (except the writing book) have cute illustrations throughout.  I also bought his book for writers, Get Organized! Get Published!  I am halfway through the writing book and will read the other again soon.

Most years I do some sort of spring cleaning, but since we just moved back in September, I think I’ll skip it this year.  Especially since the baby is teething and really cranky which somehow is making me a little cranky, too.  Know what I mean?

Back in January when Bev, Pat and I had a ‘business luncheon’ to discuss our writing goals for the year, we were all reading books on getting rid of clutter.  We Americans sure know how to pile up not only in our homes, but on our bodies as well.  It’s all connected and a constant battle. I’m not sure it’s ever possible to stop decluttering; I try to take it out one door and my dear husband and children bring it in another.  Not that I’m immune, but I really try to think about what I’m buying or what I can get rid of before getting something new.

I will write formal reviews of these books after I finish reading them, and since my quiet time this week has been so short, I will go for now.


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