Never Too Much Kindness

My day job is working at a medical office handling the front desk, referrals, etc. I push paper. And, the blessing part, I get to greet and visit with the patients and their families. We treat primarily dialysis patients (we are not a dialysis center). Since I am a kidney patient, I feel like this job is part of my calling. Almost two years ago I was blessed with a kidney from a friend. Kind of a new friend, which is the amazing part. And she was a co-worker at the time. The transplant team was amazed that a co-worker would do that! 22 months later I’m still amazed (and incredibly grateful).

Anyway … I love visiting with the patients. I have been where they are. Well, not where all of them are; I was not a complicated case, but I can empathize nonetheless. And I love people.

The other day there was a nursing home employee in my waiting room. She was there until the patient was finished with treatment. It was her second time to our office. I enjoyed her company immensely. You’ll never guess what she said to me. She said, “Miss Pat, I believe kindness is in your genes.” My hair almost fell off! How kind was that comment?!

My question is: Why not be kind? Why not enjoy the unbelievable variety of people God brings across our path? Why not? There is not an overload of kindness in the world, is there? I think there is room for more.

This morning Bev (one of the co-authors of this blog) and I had breakfast at a new restaurant in our area. The waitress was very sweet and we enjoyed our time there tremendously. As I left she thanked me for our being so kind to her.

While it was so thoughtful of these two particular ladies to express their appreciation at kindness, it saddens me to think that it is unusual in their world. I believe it should be the normal.

Further, I believe it is part of my calling as a Christian to let my light of kindness and acceptance and grace shine. After all; the kindness, acceptance and grace I have received from my God is overwhelming. I certainly can sprinkle some everywhere I go.

I mean … REALLY!

Want to join in the kindness campaign? Jump in!!!!


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One Response to Never Too Much Kindness

  1. Michelle says:

    That is a sad commentary on our world today, unfortunately. It doesn’t hurt to be kind.


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