A New Word Thrills

I learned a new word today. Quotidian. Isn’t it lovely? It rolls off the tongue quite nicely. Say it again. Quotidian.

Words are one of my loves. Truly. And yet my vocabulary does not reflect the love I have for words in general and fun, unique words in particular. Everybody loves the line from the movie “Serendipity” where she explains that serendipity is her favorite word because of its meaning: a fortunate accident. See, that’s fun.

Today I ran across quotidian in a book I am reading. I had to go to the computer and to dictionary.com to see its meaning: a daily occurrence, compulsory, usual, every day, commonplace. I find that fabulous. It is an austere-sounding word that means commonplace. See, that’s fun!

There are so many things that take place on a daily basis that seem to be commonplace with no austerity or fancifulness built into them. But what if we referred to them as quotidian? Now that fancies things up a bit. It does, at least in my mind.

So I began to imagine my quotidian tasks of dish washing and tidying up my house; they seem mundane until I take the time to think about and pray for those I am washing up after. Now I can pray during my quotidian tasks instead of those I formerly referred to as mundane or just daily have-tos. Doesn’t that sound better than praying during my mundane tasks?

I was feeling so puffed up in my new-found word knowledge that I returned to dictionary.com to read everything it had to offer about this fabulous word. Quotidian. I have simply fallen in love with it.

Then it happened. There at the bottom of the page, after I had scrolled all the way down, was what quotidian was used to describe most often. Can you guess? Should I leave you hanging so you have to look it up yourself? (Now that is tempting…but I won’t.)

It is usually used when referring to attacks from malaria. It’s serious when the attacks are quotidian.

Well, burst my bubble will you.

I will leave my blogging and return to my mundane daily tasks and ponder the thought of whether I should refer to them as quotidian or not. (I sorta still want to.)


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One Response to A New Word Thrills

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh, my. It’s kind of like being reminded to read the fine print. I will enjoy my quotidian tasks as long as they aren’t related to malaria!


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