Going Green

Since April is the month of Earth Day, I thought I’d share some reviews I wrote a couple of years ago.  We all have a share in how we take care of the only earth we have.  I hope you enjoy them and find the reviews helpful.

Green, American Style (Baker Books, p, $14.99, ISBN:9780801013348), author Anna M. Clark recounts her journey toward going green as starting slowly. She shares practical ways for readers to go green, listing companies that make healthier products not only for humans, but for the earth as well. Many everyday cleaners, shampoos, and household products aren’t healthy for us and may contain carcinogens. Readers can learn how to grow their own food, buy better clothes, and use healthier cleaning items, which all aid in sustainable living. As a consumer nation, it’s vital to rethink many purchases taken for granted and check ingredients. Bit by bit, companies are going green, which will only aid in healing our earth—as well as humankind. A practical guide for individuals to learn how to go green, this book will appeal to those interested in the wellbeing of God’s earth and its inhabitants.

Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet by Jonathan Merritt (FaithWords, c, $16.99, ISBN: 9780446557252) offers the viewpoint that God is green, since he created everything, including the earth and all its inhabitants, and as humans in charge of creation care, Christians are woefully behind the curve. Merritt convinces Christian readers that we’re stewards of the only earth we have. For too long, mankind has taken our green and blue earth and turned it a bleak gray, if not outright black in some areas. Time is critical if we’re to turn it back to a more colorful palette. When Christians who supposedly love God don’t care for His creation, it sends a mixed and hypocritical message to nonbelievers. God loves His creation and expects us to uphold our biblical and moral duty to care for it until His return. Easy to read and thought-provoking, Green Like God is an engaging book; one to give readers food for thought.


(These reviews appeared in the April 2010 edition of CBA’s Retailers + Resources catalog, pg 38. Used by permission.)

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