So Many Opportunities …

 I am a writer. It’s true. I am. No, I do not have a publishing contract with a major publishing house, but I have self-published all kinds of materials for children’s ministry and a major book for children’s ministers on building the volunteer team into A Dynamic Team! I was told that if you publish something and dozens and dozens of people buy it, you are published. I’ve sold hundreds of copies of my book. Maybe thousands, but since I don’t have the records at my fingertips, I do not want to overstate it.

So, yes, I am a writer. But what have I written this week? Ummmm. Let me think for a second. Don’t rush me … I guess a blog post.

Now that is just despicable, wouldn’t you say? Just a few paragraphs.

Sometimes I get stymied by the myriad of things I would like to write or write about. There’s the book that is nearing completion. There are party plans I have spinning around in my head. There are stories I want to get down on paper (or on the computer). I have a whole new encouragement book idea that sprang into my head last week; all I have done is get the gist of it down.

So many opportunities …

Kind of like ministry opportunities. I want to do so many things. So many people groups stir in my heart. I pray for them and join in when there is a ministry activity going on. But I am not doing and serving like my heart longs to. There is no reason nor is there an excuse. I just need to get going again.

I just read a blog of a ministry I am involved with on a small scale now; I was involved hugely when it was launched. Oh, the story of a young inner city guy being touched by God moved me beyond words.

There are so many opportunities …

So, here it is. IT DOESN’T MATTER if you aren’t writing everything you want to write – just write. And it doesn’t matter if you aren’t ministering in all the ways you wish you were – minister somewhere! Take one of the opportunities and run with it, bless with it, reach others’ hearts with it.

Life offers us so many choices, so many rich opportunities to touch others with our heart and with God’s heart. Don’t miss out. (I’m talking to me here.) Jump in.

So often we think we have to do something big for it to count, but we all know that isn’t true. That’s one of the reasons we named our blog Bredkrums (the phonetic spelling of breadcrumbs); because if life is one big loaf of bread; all the crumbs of that loaf are important. Don’t wait to do something BIG – do something even if it feels like a crumb. All the crumbs add up to something fabulous.


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One Response to So Many Opportunities …

  1. Michelle says:

    Exactly! I feel that way often, so sometimes I just have to jump in with the little bits of time I’ve got and eventually the important things get done.


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