We’ve been meeting at St. Louis Bread Co for years. I don’t know how many years, let’s just say many. Before we met as a group, I (Pat) went there every Monday morning, alone, and developed a large portion of my product line at the back table where I had a view of almost half of the café.

The three of us have shared successes there. We’ve rejoiced at baby announcements (children and grandchildren), jobs found, promotions gained, houses sold, and every other type of life event. We’ve shared tears as well: bad reports from the doctor, scary pregnancies, jobs lost, children struggling, parents dying; and every other type of sad life event. We’ve shared life there.

And we’ve written there. We’ve read pages to each other, conferred on point of view opinions, debated a particular writing topic, and shared book suggestions. We haven’t argued, but perhaps in our hearts we were arguing about our view of a topic and were just too kind to really and truly argue.

But we have lived. Our families have morphed through the years; children added and grown children moved out; grandchildren added and one lost through miscarriage; loved ones moved across the country and some moved back close; and we’ve shared every moment with each other.

And we’ve prayed. Lots of praying. Some grateful rejoicing prayers, others with our face on the floor as we sit before the Throne of Grace asking The Bread of Life for help, healing, and provision.

Our publishing successes have been small to date; a magazine article here, a newsletter there, etc; but our goals are lofty and our passion is strong. So we begin this pursuit together, the three of us, sharing our tidbits of life with you. Not the leftover crumbs of the bread of our lives; but the bread itself, broken up and used in so many different ways, just like breadcrumbs.

Sometimes breadcrumbs are added to things to make them tastier or crunchier; sometimes they coat things to add texture and interest; sometimes they get stored away for use another day. But we consider the crumbs of the bread from our life as valuable. After all, the source of the bread of our lives is not ourselves, but the One Who created us. So we consider every crumb valuable.

Who knows what the future holds in our lives or in yours. It will probably be a mix of everything; like in a recipe, a little of this and a pinch of that. But we’ll share it together and that makes it fabulous. And like bread, we’ll rise to whatever occasion presents itself and we’ll be broken at times as well; but we’ll pick up the crumbs and learn from today so tomorrow is richer for our experiences.

Enjoy our crumbs … and please share yours with us as well.

Bev, Michelle and Pat

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